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Wednesday 22nd November 2017
Men - BUCS - Cup
14:00Oxford Brookes Uni 2 v Coventry @ Oxford Brookes AstroturfOHUAAshley Hurden, Jim Patel (umpires)
15:30Oxford Brookes Uni 4 v Harper Adams 2 @ Oxford Brookes AstroturfOHUARichard Bartlett, Ashley Hurden (umpires)
14:50Oxford University v Bath 3 @ Iffley RoadOHUAHuw Richards, Martyn Shuttler (umpires)
16:30Oxford University 2 v Nottingham Trent 3 @ Iffley RoadOHUAHuw Richards, Martyn Shuttler (umpires)
Women - BUCS - Cup
17:00Oxford Brookes Uni v Birmingham 4 @ Oxford Brookes AstroturfOHUARichard Bartlett, Jim Patel (umpires)
12:30Oxford Brookes Uni 2 v Oxford University 2 @ Oxford Brookes AstroturfOHUAMark Cumming, Ellen Schallig, Tim Dudgeon (umpires)
Thursday 23rd November 2017
Men - Boys Under 16 - Schools Qualification Pools
16:00 @ Magdalen CollegeRichard Bartlett (umpire), Graeme Cooke (umpire),
Jim Patel (umpire), Andrew Mansfield (umpire)
Friday 24th November 2017
Women - Girls Under 18 - Schools Qualification Pools
13:00 @ Beaconsfield H.S.Andy Stalker (umpire manager), Ruth Busse (umpire),
Andrew Mansfield (umpire), Jim Patel (umpire)
16:30 @ City of London Freemans SchoolRichard Bartlett (umpire)
16:30 @ King Edward VI SchoolEllen Schallig (umpire)
Saturday 25th November 2017
Men - South Premier Division One
13:30Henley v Old Cranleighans @ Reading RoadKeith Duffy (umpire)
12:30Milton Keynes v Oxford University @ Woughton Playing FieldsJohn Downer (umpire)
14:30Oxford Hawks v London Wayfarers @ Banbury Road Sports GroundAndy Stalker (umpire coach)
Men - South Premier Division Two
14:00Purley Walcountians v Guildford @ Purley HCColin Toms (umpire coach)
13:30Trojans v Staines @ Trojans HCGraeme Cooke (umpire), Alexander Nelson (umpire)
11:30Tunbridge Wells v Tulse Hill & Dulwich @ Tonbridge SchoolRichard Bartlett (umpire)
13:30West Hampstead v London Academicals @ Whitefield SchoolHuw Richards (umpire)
Men - South Reserves
Graeme Cooke (umpire), Alexander Nelson (umpire)
Women - Investec Conference West
12:00Olton & West Warwickshire v Gloucester City @ Olton & West Warwicks ClubEllen Schallig (umpire)
12:00Oxford Hawks v Team Bath Buccaneers @ Banbury Road Sports GroundRick Goddard (umpire)
Women - South Premier Division One
11:45Basingstoke v Horsham @ Down GrangeChristopher O'Hagan (umpire)
14:00Epsom v Surbiton 2 @ Therfield SchoolLiz Spencer (umpire), Steve Curnock (umpire)
13:00Reading 2 v Maidenhead @ Reading Cricket & Hockey ClubMartyn Shuttler (umpire)
Women - South Premier Division Two
11:00Buckingham 2 v Havant @ Stowe SchoolMichael Dillow (umpire), Liz Spencer (umpire)
11:30Hampstead & Westminster 2 v Witney @ Paddington Recreation GroundAshley Hurden (umpire)
13:30Spencer v London Wayfarers @ Spencer HCJim Chadbourne (umpire)
12:30Surbiton 3 v East Grinstead 2 @ Surbiton HC, Hinchley WoodGeorgina Kenworthy-Brown (umpire)
14:00Trojans 2 v Banbury @ Wellington Sports GroundMark Cumming (umpire), Bridget Midwinter (assessor)
Women - South Reserves
Mark Cumming (umpire)
Men - MBBO Regional 1
13:15Maidenhead v Slough @ Altwood SchoolBHUAChad Bosman, Stephen Ridley, Jamie Haworth (umpires)
Men - MBBO Regional 2
12:00Newbury & Thatcham v Oxford 2 @ Henwick WorthyBHUAChris Goslar, Simon Milford, Chad Bosman, Graeme Cooke (umpires)
16:30South Berkshire v Reading 3 @ Cantley Playing FieldsBHUASimon Milford, Huw Richards, Graeme Cooke (umpires)
Men - MBBO Division 1
11:30Reading 4 v Ashford 2 @ Berkshire S&S Club - Pitch 2BHUAChad Bosman, Conrad Hall (umpires)
16:30Sonning 2 v OMT 2 @ Berkshire Sports and Social ClubBHUAAngela Bowler, Christopher O'Hagan (umpires)
Women - South Premier Division 3A
11:45Henley v West Hampstead @ Henley Hockey ClubJointMel Atkinson, Tim Dudgeon (umpires)
10:30Oxford Hawks 2 v Milton Keynes @ BRN TopJointAndy Gwinn, Dave Settle (umpires)
12:00Sonning v Marlow @ Berkshire Sports and Social ClubJointDawn Collis, Kevin O'Linn (umpires)
11:40Wycombe v Hampstead and Westminster 3 @ Cressex AstroturfJointFletcher Goodwin, Michael Sartorius (umpires)
Women - Trysports Premier 1
14:30Amersham and Chalfont v Slough 2 @ Amersham and Wycombe CollegeJointMichael Corran, Christopher Proudfoot, Kim O'Leary, Dawn Tucker (umpires)
13:00Oxford 2 v Marlow 2 @ Oxford Brookes AstroturfJointPaul Berry, Rosanna McEwen-Smith (umpires) Steve Curnock (umpire coach)
11:30Oxford 3 v Wallingford @ Oxford Brookes AstroturfJointRichard Bennett, Jerry Unsworth (umpires)
10:00Oxford Hawks 3 v Maidenhead 2 @ BRN NearJointLes Cooke, Paul Hogben, Hils Farrar-Hockley (umpires)
15:00Sonning 2 v Oxford University 2 @ Berkshire Sports and Social ClubJointGraeme Dow, Kevin O'Linn (umpires)
13:10Wycombe 2 v South Berkshire @ Cressex AstroturfJointAngela Bowler, Mike Vince (umpires)
Women - Trysports Premier 2
11:30Aylesbury v Amersham and Chalfont 2 @ Aylesbury Vale AcademyJointHils Farrar-Hockley, Sarah Wood, Clive Briant (umpires)
15:00Newbury & Thatcham v Thame @ Henwick WorthyJointJacqui Barlow, Chris Goslar, Simon Milford (umpires)
11:30Phoenix and Ranelagh v Oxford Hawks 4 @ Reading UniversityJointChris Manning, Dawn Tucker, Mark Sayers (umpires)
10:00Reading Rockets v Wallingford 2 @ Reading Cricket & Hockey ClubJointConrad Hall, Laurence Kimberley (umpires)
12:00South Berkshire 2 v Banbury 2 @ Birch Hill Recreation GroundJointJackie Cobner, Kim O'Leary, Dawn Tucker (umpires)
12:30Witney 2 v Henley 2 @ Wood Green SchoolJointJames Bartrip, Clive Briant, Mark McCree, Mike Tideswell (umpires)
Women - Trysports Division One - L1 Assessment Match
12:30Newbury & Thatcham 2 v Reading Rebels @ Trinity SchoolBHUAKaren Daffey (level one assessor)
Wednesday 29th November 2017
Women - South Under 18 Schools Finals - Regional final (pool of 4)
11:00 @ Charterhouse ClubAndrew Mansfield (umpire), Christopher O'Hagan (umpire)
Friday 1st December 2017
Men - Boys Under 18 - Schools Qualification Pools
16:00 @ King Edward VI SchoolRichard Bartlett (umpire)
16:30 @ Magdalen CollegeAndy Stalker (umpire manager), Andrew Mansfield (umpire),
Jim Patel (umpire)
Saturday 2nd December 2017
Men - South Premier Division One
14:30Oxford University v London Edwardians @ Iffley RoadJohn Downer (umpire)
Men - South Premier Division Two
12:30Banbury v Tunbridge Wells @ North Oxfordshire Academy (formerly Drayton School)Colin Toms (umpire coach), Alexander Nelson (umpire),
Huw Richards (umpire)
13:15London Academicals v Trojans @ City of London AcademyRichard Bartlett (umpire)
12:30Tulse Hill & Dulwich v Bournemouth @ Dulwich CollegeAndrew Mansfield (umpire)
14:30Wycombe v West Hampstead @ Bisham AbbeyAndy Stalker (umpire coach), Graeme Cooke (umpire)
Women - South Premier Division One
14:00Horsham v Reading 2 @ Broadbridge HeathRick Goddard (umpire)
13:15Maidenhead v Surbiton 2 @ Altwood SchoolChristopher O'Hagan (umpire), Liz Spencer (umpire)
11:30Staines v Epsom @ Staines H.C.Ruth Busse (umpire)
13:30Teddington v Oxford University @ Teddington School, Broom RoadMartyn Shuttler (umpire)
Women - South Premier Division Two
11:00Banbury v Spencer @ North Oxfordshire Academy (formerly Drayton School)Annika Midwinter (umpire coach), Michael Dillow (umpire)
10:30London Wayfarers v Hampstead & Westminster 2 @ Battersea ParkGeorgina Kenworthy-Brown (umpire)
13:00Surbiton 3 v Buckingham 2 @ Surbiton HC, Hinchley WoodAshley Hurden (umpire)
13:00Woking v Havant @ Goldsworth ParkMark Cumming (umpire)
Women - South Reserves
James Bartrip (umpire)
Women - South Premier Division 3A
11:45Marlow v Oxford Hawks 2 @ Marlow Sports ClubJointTim Dudgeon, Kevin O'Linn (umpires)
12:00Milton Keynes v Wycombe @ Woughton Playing FieldsJointMichael Corran, Mike Vince (umpires)
13:00Oxford v Sonning @ Oxford Brookes AstroturfJointClive Briant, Andy Gwinn (umpires)
12:00Reading 3 v Southgate 2 @ Berkshire S&S Club - Pitch 2JointConrad Hall, Mark Sayers (umpires)
Women - Trysports Premier 1
11:30Maidenhead 2 v Sonning 2 @ Altwood SchoolJointChad Bosman, Michael Sartorius, Jamie Haworth (umpires)
15:00Marlow 2 v Wycombe 2 @ Marlow Sports ClubJointGraeme Dow, Laurence Kimberley (umpires)
11:30Oxford 2 v Amersham and Chalfont @ Oxford Brookes AstroturfJointAdrian Higgins, Jerry Unsworth (umpires)
10:40Oxford University 2 v Oxford 3 @ Iffley RoadJointRichard Bennett, Paul Berry (umpires)
10:30South Berkshire v Oxford Hawks 3 @ Cantley Playing FieldsJointKim O'Leary (umpire)
14:45Wallingford v Slough 2 @ Wallingford Sports ParkJointJacqui Barlow, Ian Martin, Emma Hewitt, Sarah Wood (umpires)
Women - Trysports Premier 2
13:00Amersham and Chalfont 2 v South Berkshire 2 @ Amersham and Wycombe CollegeJointJonathan Crowther, Nicholas Wooldridge (umpires)
14:00Banbury 2 v Witney 2 @ North Oxfordshire AcademyJointPaul Hogben, David Hughes (umpires)
11:45Henley 2 v Phoenix and Ranelagh @ Henley Hockey ClubJointHils Farrar-Hockley, Chris Manning (umpires)
10:30Oxford Hawks 4 v Thame @ BRN NearJointStephen Smyth, Mike Tideswell (umpires)
14:30Reading Rockets v Newbury & Thatcham @ Reading Cricket & Hockey ClubJointFletcher Goodwin, Simon Milford (umpires)
13:15Wallingford 2 v Aylesbury @ Wallingford Sports ParkJointTony Huntley, Ian Martin (umpires)
Women - Trysports Division One - L1 Assessment Match
10:30Sonning 3 v Newbury & Thatcham 2 @ Berkshire Sports and Social ClubBHUASimon Milford (level one assessor)
Sunday 3rd December 2017
Men - EH Competitions - Tier 2
14:30Oxford v Banbury 2 @ Oxford Brookes AstroturfOHUAJames Bartrip, Mark Cumming, Martyn Shuttler (umpires)
Women - EH Competitions - Tier2
12:30Oxford v Henley @ Oxford Brookes AstroturfOHUAJames Bartrip, Mark Cumming, Martyn Shuttler (umpires)
Wednesday 6th December 2017
Women - South U16 & U14 Schools Finals - Regional finals (pools of 4)
10:00 @ Charterhouse ClubRichard Bartlett (umpire), Andrew Mansfield (umpire),
Martyn Shuttler (umpire)
Saturday 9th December 2017
Men - South Premier Division One
12:30Milton Keynes v London Edwardians @ Woughton Playing FieldsJohn Downer (umpire)
15:00Oxford Hawks v Horsham @ Banbury Road Sports GroundAndy Stalker (umpire coach)
Men - South Premier Division Two
12:30Bournemouth v Banbury @ Chapel Gate (Near Airport)Richard Bartlett (umpire)
11:30Tunbridge Wells v Guildford @ Tonbridge SchoolGraeme Cooke (umpire)
Men - South Reserves
Andrew Mansfield (umpire)
Women - South Premier Division One
11:45Basingstoke v Teddington @ Down GrangeEllen Schallig (umpire)
13:30Reading 2 v Brighton & Hove @ Reading Cricket & Hockey ClubMartyn Shuttler (umpire), Bridget Midwinter (assessor)
12:30Tulse Hill & Dulwich v Staines @ Dulwich CollegeRuth Busse (umpire)
Women - South Premier Division Two
12:00Buckingham 2 v Woking @ Stowe SchoolMichael Dillow (umpire)
13:30Havant v Witney @ Havant CollegeGeorgina Kenworthy-Brown (umpire)
14:30PHC Chiswick v London Wayfarers @ Liverpool Victoria Sports GroundJames Bartrip (umpire), Ashley Hurden (umpire)
12:00Trojans 2 v Surbiton 3 @ Trojans HCAnnika Midwinter (umpire coach), Mark Cumming (umpire)
Saturday 16th December 2017
Women - South Premier Division One
10:15Basingstoke v Wimbledon 1A @ Down GrangeRick Goddard (umpire), Liz Spencer (umpire)
14:00Epsom v Tulse Hill & Dulwich @ Therfield SchoolChristopher O'Hagan (umpire)
13:15Maidenhead v Horsham @ Altwood SchoolMartyn Shuttler (umpire)
13:00Surbiton 2 v Brighton & Hove @ Surbiton HC, Hinchley WoodRuth Busse (umpire)
Women - South Premier Division Two
12:00Buckingham 2 v Trojans 2 @ Stowe SchoolJames Bartrip (umpire), Georgina Kenworthy-Brown (umpire)
12:00Hampstead & Westminster 2 v East Grinstead 2 @ Paddington Recreation GroundMichael Dillow (umpire)
13:30Spencer v Surbiton 3 @ Spencer HCAshley Hurden (umpire)
13:00Woking v Witney @ Goldsworth ParkJim Chadbourne (umpire)
Women - South Reserves
Mark Cumming (umpire)
Saturday 6th January to Sunday 7th January 2018
Women - Division Two North
@ AldersleyKaren Daffey (tournament director)
Saturday 20th January to Sunday 21st January 2018
Women - International Event - Women's EuroHockey Indoor Championship III
@ Puconci (SLO)Karen Daffey (technical director appointed by EHF)

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